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Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let damaged dirty carpets ruin the look of your home. We offer professional carpet cleaning throughout New Zealand (Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and all major cities in New Zealand). Our cleaners are equipped with the skills and equipment to free your carpet of any dirt, grit, stains or allergens.

Total Plan Cleaning Services offer carpet cleaning Auckland wide. We pride ourselves in our range of sophisticated, state of the art carpet cleaning processes. Our team only use safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant chemicals and formulae. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your carpet will be treated with only the best products. While your family is safe and being protected from dust and mite allergens. Carpet cleaning is necessary as carpets with high concentrations of dust and mite allergen. These substances can be harmful for many people especially asthmatic patients. We recommend that homes with children and or pets to get these carpets cleaned more regularly. As pets can cause a build up of hair and insects in the fibres of the carpet. And households with children often experience more heavy staining on carpet, and find it important to keep their children’s living environment clean.

Why professional carpet cleaning is necessary

Your carpets are a valuable investment and they deserve expert maintenance and treatment. It is recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned at least every 12 months. This is in order to extend their life and maintain a healthy living environment. We will preserve your carpet to retain a sparkling new appearance year in and year out, no matter what the challenges are.

Carpet-Cleaning-Machine-AucklandWhile Total Plan Cleaning Services recommends regular vacuuming using an efficient domestic vacuum cleaner. As even the best vacuum cleaners remove only a fraction of the dust, dirt, pet waste, mites and other allergens in your carpet. There are billions of tiny insects and dirt particles that thrive on the stuff your vacuum cleaner doesn’t and can’t remove. The only way to rid your carpet of these pests is expert and professional carpet cleaning. We offer carpet cleaning New Zealand wide with a high-power truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, which achieves excellent results.

As there are so many methods out there to clean carpets, our professional technicians can give you advice and recommend the best and safest cleaning method for your specific carpet.

Total Plan Cleaning Services offer full-service carpet cleaning New Zealand wide. Our state of the art cleaning equipment combined with our thorough cleaning process ensures that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and are left stain-free.

Contact Total Plan Cleaning for a free quote on any carpet cleaning.

Before Carpet Cleaning in an Auckland Bedroom


After Carpet Cleaning in an Auckland Bedroom