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Floor Stripping and Polishing

Total Plan Cleaning service offer a range of floor care packages including floor stripping and polishing. Our floor stripping and polishing service can strip away old polish. Or it can also help to remove build up dirt on a range of floor surfaces.  Our cleaning team are experts in floor care and maintenance. So if they deem it necessary they will apply a high-quality floor polish to your floors. This helps to restore the finish and prolong the life of the surface.

Wooden floors are often very popular due to their easy-clean nature. They are often seen as an asset in a home, but only when they are well maintained. Often wooden or vinyl floors need professional cleaning and care to restore them to their original look. Thats where our experienced team come in, we can schedule a floor care service that suits your specific needs. Whether this be floor polishing or floor stripping our team are experience and guarantee to make your floor look as good as new.

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is the process of removing existing layers of old site-applied sealers and finishes from the flooring surface. This is done through a standard stripping chemical. This chemical is diluted and applied to the floor with a mop or solution applicator and allowed to soak in. This solution penetrates the finish and re-emulsifies it into a semi-liquid state. Then abrasive agitation is needed to completely remove the finish,  we do this using a professional floor machine.

Floor Polishing

We also offer a floor polishing service this uses a high-quality floor polish agent to help restore the original shine and look to your flooring. This service works well on vinyl and wooden floors. The polish will protect the flooring from abrasive wear from high heels and other abrasive surafecs that come in contact with floors. This is especially useful in commercial settings where the floors are subject to a lot of foot traffic everyday. This polish also inhibits the embedment of stains and soiling by offering a protective layer. The use of floor polish will impart an enhanced appearance and provide a uniform gloss. Polish may allow the floor to be more easily cleaned.

We carry out wooden floor installation of native and imported timber overlays, cork including parquet and your choice of water based or solvent based finishes. We are also experienced in installation of pre-finished and laminated flooring.Floor-Stripping-Polishing-Auckland

Refurbishing or re-glazing existing floors to look like new will be an ideal option if you are about to market your property.

In addition, we carry out removal and disposal of existing carpets.

We sand and polyurethane old and new timber flooring, engineered flooring, particle board, strand board and parquet.

Flooring prep and levelling for vinyl, carpet and any overlay flooring is also undertaken.

Contact the Total Plan Cleaning team today for a free quote on any Floor Stripping and Polishing service.