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Water Blasting & House Washing

At Total Plan Cleaning, we offer a range of exterior water blasting and house washing Auckland based services. We are focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.

There are some instances when normal scrubbing will not work for a complete exterior house clean. You will need an expert in water blasting to get rid of the unwanted dirt. While protecting the finish of the surface itself. As water blasting carried out by inexperienced staff can cause a lot of damage. Such as damage to the weaker spots of the walls and floor of the house. As well as excess water penetrating the surfaces. Avoid making these expensive mistakes and leave it to our expert team!

Our water blasting service uses high flow, mid pressure water blasting to remove dirt from a range of exterior surfaces. This service also helps protect surfaces and saves them from unsightly build ups, pitting and unnecessary damage. Our team of cleaners are experienced and House-Washing-Aucklandknowledgeable of what the best service would be for each surface.

Soft House Washing

We also offer soft house washing New Zealand wide, this service uses a soft wash water blasting technology. Soft house washing involves using very low water pressure to wash away dirt and grime. Soft washing gives the best results in the gentlest way possible, without causing unnecessary damage to your property. It is a great option for keeping the exterior of your house looking at its best all year round. Our house washing team help to prevent the need for future repairs through preventative maintenance on the exterior of your home. House washing is great for your homes paint job, frequent maintenance and water blasting helps remove the grime that causes paint to deteriorate. Exterior house cleaning plays an important role in regular home maintenance. It also helps to builds equity in valuable investment, your home through protecting the paint job and keeping a good exterior image.

Our chemical soft wash process is great at bringing back the shine to tired paintwork. This improves it’s appearance and presentation. While maximising paint longevity and minimising redecoration costs. The chemicals we use help to lift stains from the structure. Then a controlled low-pressure water blast removes the dirt bringing back the by-gone beauty of the original surfaces.

We also treat walls, parapet, garages, driveways, footpaths, courtyards and decks stained with moss, mould, algae, lichen and other disturbances caused by weather. Once treated, the moss and mould eliminator we use goes on working for months. As it reactivates and continues doing its job every time that it rains.

Soft-House-Washing-AucklandTotal Plan Cleaning Service specialises in water blasting and house washing New Zealand wide. We use biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that will not cause any harm to your property or the environment. So protect your biggest investment, your home.

Contact Total Plan Cleaning today for a free quote on any exterior water blasting or house washing service today.